Meet The Chef


Executive Chef Conor Horton, The J House Greenwich


Conor Horton started working in the kitchen at age 15 washing dishes, flipping burgers and soon began cooking professionally.  After four years of experience working with François Kwaku-Dongo (formally The Chef of Spago Chicago and L’Escale, Greenwich)  Conor was invited to join Chef Francois to create a restaurant inside a brand new boutique hotel, The J House Greenwich.  The restaurant concept was designed to include a globally influenced menu as well as an interactive culinary experience.   

“Chefs today are either made or born; Conor has the perfect balance of both; the gift of an innate ability plus the hunger to learn”

-François Kwaku-Dongo

Horton rose through the ranks and after 4 years has become the Executive Chef at The J House Restaurant.

“The Pride is in the product and production”, according to Horton, he and his team start the day preparing fresh smoked salmon, baked breads, pastries, pasta from scratch and a local favorite…gelato, within the “bakery bubble” where guests can watch the production completed with the pride. “Everyone on my team is treated with respect, thus creating the results and expectations of only excellence with each and every dish”.

Chef Horton is committed to delivering great food, maximizing global flavor and creating a consistent yet new experience for guests every time they dine at The J House Greenwich.